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Technology Assessments

SDT’s senior consultants scrutinize your organization’s current development and test practices vis-à-vis industry-acknowledged best practices. By working closely with you to examine your existing approach to developing software, together we identify and prioritize the areas in greatest need of improvement. SDT recommends a step-by-step plan to most effectively address the goals and actions for optimal improvement.

SDT Intellectual Property (IP): Software Testing in the Real World™ (STRW) Methodology

The STRW Methodology covers the following areas:

  • Software Quality Planning
  • Test Architecture
  • SQA Test Roles
  • Test Management
  • Project Management
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Test Lab
  • Test Automation
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Support Documents
  • Methodology Templates
SDT Course Offerings

SDT offers the following courses:

  • Software Testing in the Real World
  • Software Testing Tools
  • Establishing a Third Generation Test Design and Automation System
  • Test Design Methodology
  • Unit Testing
  • Senior Management Training in Software Testing
  • Technical Reviews and Inspections

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