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SDT has been providing practical, proven and effective software testing services since 1992 to ensure its customers create quality software on-time and on-budget. SDT can handle some or all of your end-to-end testing needs offshore and onshore including Function, System, Performance, Regression, Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring.

Complete solutions are available for the key test challenges associated with Cloud, Web, Devices, Client/Server, Desk, Java, API/Middleware, Mainframe, and Embedded. Manual and automated testing are available – we specialize in the SDT Patented Keyword Driven testing – ability to implement test automation and manual testing right the first time.


SDT is “tool agnostic” and does not sell software test tools. The SDT patented Keyword Driven testing provides the ability to implement test automation right the first time, avoiding the test automation scripting nightmare.

Digital Testing for Mobile Applications

The advancement of technology has caused a paradigm shift in the way people live their lives. Modern internet users are increasingly consuming interactive media on mobile phones and tablets. Customer expectations with service consistency and quality are very high. Experiencing the slightest issue can result in a frustrating user experience that results in the loss of a valuable customer to a competitor. Our solution is a comprehensive digital assurance solution that minimizes frustrated user sessions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Customer Experience Monitoring and Management (CXM) services by SDT help monitor, analyze, prevent, predict, and report the experience of an end user in real time.

Our enterprise, web, and mobile CXM solutions help you quickly identify issues and resolve problems in production environments before they disrupt critical services. Our unique solution identifies the specific user(s) impacted and detects the source of the issue. Our Analytics Engine “learns” normal and expected behavior and helps you avoid issues while your software is in production.

The SDT Synthetic Monitoring solution simulates health checks of a system with automated software agents that emulate real users, acting as an early warning and detection system. We continuously monitor your applications and perform actual safe end-user transactions and alert the appropriate team as soon as an issue is identified.

The SDT Real User Monitoring solution tracks the experience of every actual user in real-time. This provides visibility into how end-users are experiencing the applications, the performance of the infrastructure supporting the applications, and the performance of the application at the code and detailed transaction level.

SDT solutions help you manage the performance and availability of your applications, quickly identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot the root cause of your application issues.

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