Software Testing in the Real World™ Methodology

Software Testing in the Real World Methodology

STRW™ Verification and Validation Methodology (available for licensing).

As companies address their critical business challenges in a dynamic and competitive environment, technology (hardware, software and networks) is playing an increasing role in supporting an organization’s critical business functions. Effectively and efficiently managing the development and testing of information technology environments, both pre- and post- deployment, is paramount on CEO, CIO, CTO, (CXO) agendas. As such, these Senior Managers are pursuing an urgent business imperative – the rapid implementation of a testing function and processes capable of identifying defects early, meeting time to market targets, and reducing post-deployment software/system risks.

Software Development Technologies STRW Methodology is a proven approach to rapid implementation. This methodology is easily adaptable, can be tailored to an organization’s needs, and includes a wide range of “best practices” for both the verification and validation of software and systems. Key elements include Technical Review, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing and System/Acceptance Testing methodologies. Using a “QuickStart”, just-in-time approach, SDT’s Senior Consultants work with your organization to customize each method and then rapidly deploy them to your organization or assist with the training of an entirely new team. This methodology is supported with complementary courses that can be purchased separately.

This packaged approach to quickly implementing a testing function provides CXO’s and other Senior Leaders with the ability to rapidly implement an in-house verification and validation capability customized to their needs. Each of the components of the SDT STRW Methodology can be easily integrated into the organization’s development practices to complement the organization’s existing information technology, R&D, and deployment practices