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When CIOs decide to invest in quality and test, they partner with Software Development Technologies to provide the leadership and required intellectual property to architect and accelerate the implementation of the Enterprise Software Test Center of Excellence (CoE). Implementation, validation and refinement of the Enterprise Software Test CoE are performed using the client’s application projects, with SDT consultants working side by side with client testers providing mentoring and training as needed.

SDT uses a four step approach to transform a testing organization:

  • Assessment – SDT analyzes a test function’s capabilities to determine its effectiveness and to identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Set Test Transformation Goals – SDT identifies critical goals that guide the test transformation.
  • Acceleration and Deployment – SDT provides its proven IP to ensure your Enterprise Software Test Center of Excellence is operational as quickly as possible.
  • Drive Results – SDT works closely with the client testers to drive the Enterprise Software Test Center of Excellence towards best in class status.

A well-conceived software testing strategy can put an organization on track for greater innovation, growth and success. The CIO can rest assured that projects will be deployed with higher quality and fewer post-release defects, and be secure in the knowledge that the company’s investments are demonstrating a significant return.

Putting the Pieces Together

Software Development Technologies can offer you and your organization leadership SDT STRW™ Methodology – a complete, proven approach to rapid implementation of best-in-class test automation and processes for new or existing test organizations.

  • Pre-defined and proven test process out-of-the-box or customized to your specific needs.
  • A complete offering of test courses and templates designed to supplement the methodology.
  • Senior level consultants with an average of 25 years of experience in software test.
  • A proprietary assessment methodology, using industry best practices, to examine your existing approaches to test, identify and prioritize areas needing improvement, and recommend actions.
Results Achieved

Organizations who have adopted the SDT methodology for transforming test operations have realized benefits such as:

  • Improved delivered application quality; increased user / customer satisfaction; reduction in the cost of application development; quality driven earlier in the life cycle.
  • Rapid implementation of a centralized, consistent roles-based testing organization established with the right onshore / offshore model, yielding improved coverage and testing throughout the life cycle.
  • Training and mentoring of key personnel in their specific roles using an efficient testing process.
  • Adoption of an industry set of best practices without the need for extensive research and learning.
  • Higher success rate in automating the testing function.
  • Increased visibility to critical defects earlier in the development cycle.
  • Protection of their strategic and tactical IT development and deployment plans through more effective pre-release testing capability and reduced post-release risks.

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