Overview of Course Offerings

Software Testing in the Real World – 2 or 3 day seminar

Developers are under great pressure to deliver more complex software with increasingly aggressive schedules and with limited resources. Testers are expected to validate the quality of software even faster and with even fewer resources. In such an environment; solid, repeatable, and practical testing methods and automation are a must. This seminar prepares you to meet testing challenges by introducing new techniques for cost-effective analysis, test design, testing, and overall evaluation of your software product or system. Learn how to organize your testing effort so that it is under control, your successes are measurable, and your risks are minimized. Learn what standards are applicable to testing and how they can help you simplify communication and stop re-inventing the wheel!

Software Testing Tools – 1 or 2 day seminar

The question today is not “do I automate my software testing” but, rather, “which parts do I automate first”. This program will help you make that decision by assisting you in establishing or significantly improving your use of software testing tools. The proper use of tools makes testing easier, more effective, and more productive. This course clearly describes the types of tools available, identifies the leading tool vendors, and dynamically demonstrates key tools. Leverage the experience of over 400 companies as you learn a process for selecting and implementing tools. This course has been referred to as the “Consumer Reports of Software Testing Tools”. Learn how to prioritize your needs, evaluate tools, integrate tools into your environment, and measure the resulting lowered cost and improved quality.

Establishing a Third Generation Test Design and Automation System – 2 day seminar

Desperate for assistance, test teams have adopted many of the point automation tools that have become available only to relegate them to “shelfware” when they determine that tools alone are not the answer. Some combination of test methodology, automation architecture, and integrated tools is the answer. A new, third generation of test automation is proving to be the single best answer to this productivity crisis. This course clearly describes the steps to design, manage, and maintain an overall 3rd generation testing framework. The key phases of test planning, test design, building automated tests, executing tests, and reporting results are presented as well as the key considerations for integrating multiple testing tools into a “Test Automation Architecture”. Tools to support your 3rd generation Test architecture, such as Quality Center with Business Process Testing, and other emerging 3rd generation technology will be presented and discussed.

Test Design Methodology – 2 day seminar

This customized course will teach you the best methodology for test design on the market today. Even non-programmers can become effective testers by taking this course and learning how to effectively and efficiently decompose specifications, identify test items, and document, prioritize and develop test cases that provide increased coverage. We will customize the course based on your needs and help you get a head start on automating your testing effort. Whether your application is Embedded, Telecom, API, or GUI, this course and product will put you ahead of the competition. Benefit from our experience helping hundreds of other customers with issues just like yours!

Unit Testing – 1 day seminar

In this course, developers learn about unit test planning, unit test design, and unit test implementation. Developers are offered a “best practice” unit test methodology to get the best testing coverage for their system. The course covers the principles behind unit testing. The Test Driven Development technique, which is actually a design technique, is covered – so the team can consider adopting this approach. The benefits of code reviews and inspections are described. The course also covers the implementation of unit testing, giving a practical approach for developers to efficiently and effectively test their software.

Senior Management Training in Software Testing – 1 day seminar

This highly interactive session provides Senior Staff with an overview of the key elements of software quality and test and presents a summary of methodologies, key organizational considerations, and skill set recommendations for implementing or managing an effective software quality and test function. This course will help Senior Staff understand how to further reduce software system risks and costs by detecting defects in the phase in which they are introduced into the system and by formulating an action plan for implementing or improving their software quality and test functions.

TRIP™ Technical Reviews and Inspections – 2 day seminar

Learn what other companies have accomplished by using the TRIP™ methodology – how to decrease defects in your systems by as much as 60% while increasing productivity as much as 40%. Our process for structured peer reviews is a proven, customizable technique that you can combine with consulting to build a collaborative, interactive, distributed verification process. Learn how you can discover defects in your project before a single line of code has been created. Learn how to improve team communication, reduce cost and cycle time, and improve the productivity of reviews. Adopt the TRIP™ methodology and we will work with your implementation team to make sure that you receive the benefits to which other companies happily attest.