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Software Development Technologies (SDT)
headquartered in Los Altos, CA, has offered custom software testing and consulting services, training, methodologies and first-in-class test products since 1992. Led by SDT founder and CEO, Edward Kit, author of the best-selling book, "Software Testing in the Real World...improving the process," SDT's software testing solutions have been adopted by some of the most innovative and industry accepted organizations in the world.

SDT's senior consultants scrutinize your organization's current development and test practices vis-à-vis industry-acknowledged best practices. By working closely with you to examine your existing approach to developing software, together we identify and prioritize the areas in greatest need of improvement. SDT recommends a step-by-step plan to most effectively address the goals and actions for optimal improvement.

Only with a strong commitment to proven software engineering practices can companies successfully compete, survive, and thrive in today's marketplace. SDT is dedicated to serving you to improve quality, productivity, predictability, and profitability. We re-engineer software processes by providing a comprehensive range of services and products focused on improving the quality of the development process. We specialize in software testing and evaluation, including the methods, tools, management and measurement of software. We frequently customize and license our intellectual training and consulting property for unlimited use within your corporation.

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Richard Wagner,
Senior Test Manager,
Catalina Marketing Corporation

"As a Senior Test Manager, I need our automation technology to be easy for less technical staff to use, fast and easy to adopt with a minimum of lost testing time, and it has to show both significant productivity increases and improved test coverage. Implementing SDT's Test Design and automation solution increased productivity significantly and allowed us to accelerate the automation of our tests."

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Director of Quality Systems,
Oil Industry Software Provider

"We develop and deploy extremely complex commercial software to the upstream oil industry. These applications are highly integrated, average 5 million lines of code each, are in a mixed language environment, run on UNIX and Windows, and are architecturally complex running on both client/server as well as multi-tier web environments. Our testers must have a high degree of domain knowledge to test applications of this sophistication."

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Fred Berkowitz,
Vice-President of Development,
MMC Networks

"As the pioneer and market leader of the Network Processor industry, with customers including Cisco, Siemens, Nortel and Hitachi, software quality is not an option. When testing the latest generation of embedded, ultra high performance communication products, manual testing is not an option. SDT was the only company that could solve our test automation problems."

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