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Edward Kit

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Software Testing in the Real World provides the reader with a tool-box for effectively improving the software testing process. The book contains many testing techniques and guidance for creating a strategy for continuous, sustainable improvement within the organization - whatever its size or level of process maturity. Edward Kit addresses the most frequently asked questions about methodologies, tools, technology, and organizational issues being posed in the testing community today. Pragmatic in its approach, the book confronts the problem of the relative immaturity of the software engineering discipline in most organizations with practical guidance on cost and risk, standards, planning, testing tasks, and testing tools.

Test and Quality Assurance Specialists, Development and Project Managers, and Developers will benefit from the practical, proven techniques for improving testing as well as the specific "best of breed" software testing tools and information.

Edward Kit is an international software consultant with over 20 years of experience in software engineering. He is the president and founder of Software Development Technologies, a corporation providing consulting and educational services dedicated to improving the processes used to create and maintain software. Included among his many clients are Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Europay International, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computers, PeopleSoft Inc., Tektronix Inc., and Tandem Computers. He has delivered consulting and educational services in the United States, Japan, India, Australia, and throughout Europe. Graduating with a BSEE and MSEE from Purdue University, Ed has previously worked for Bell Laboratories and Tandem Computers.

"The book is easy to read and suitable for anyone interested in how to achieve better testing...Software Testing in the Real World should go a long way toward helping many of us make practical and lasting improvements."

Bill Hetzel, President, Software Quality Engineering

"The Ed Kit book will be a good one. It has a nice, practical approach, and brings testing up to date with recent developments."

Barry Boehn, Director, USC Center for Software Engineering.

"I really enjoyed the book. If I had written a book on testing, it would have resembled Ed Kit's. His focus on the testing process is excellent."

Greg Daich, Sr. Software Engineer,
Science Applications International Corporation
and member of the Software Technology Support Center (STSC) Test Group.

To order a copy.

If you are requesting a copy of this book outside the United States, it is best to purchase from your local book outlet, as shipping and customs are added costs and inconvenience. The book identification is as follows: ISBN 0-201-87756-2

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Michael Bush,
Senior Engineer,
Sun Microsystems

"This is the first training class that I ever attended that truly reflects problems and solutions that Software Test Engineers encounter during SQE of a product."

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Jean-Michel Dedobbeleer,

"SDT developed customized software testing courses for our development/test team and management. Everyone appreciated the instructor's presentation skills, energy and enthusiasm; he was able to increase buy-in to new ideas that were highly controversial among the attendees. The instructor proved to be a good listener to the concerns of the technical and functional analysts and conveyed the right messages to management to initiate change."

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Tammy Simeona,
INDUS International

"Every tester serious about addressing the quality process should take this course. Even veterans in the field come to realize they have a lot to learn! It opens one's eyes to a quality testing approach. Edward Kit is an experienced, interesting speaker. His insight is exceptional. The track he took down could be applied to each participant's business situation. Thank you an enlightening experience. I can't wait to apply at my company what I've learned."

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